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When making introductions, pump it up!
The fast way to help kindle a relationship between two people
Keep a Delta File
Keep a track of every time you think "I hope I never do that!"
Task Paralysis: Overcoming the ‘too many tasks’ problem
Task Paralysis occurs when you have so many things that need to be done right no »
Meetings 101 – Every meeting you ever go to sucks
Make your meetings the talk of the company with these ideas.

Five tips to increase effectiveness

I recently wrote about my hate for the concept of ‘productivity’. Productivity is about screwing more lug-nuts on wheels. Effectiveness is about getting the right things done. Here’s my top five tips for increasing your effectiveness. 1. The One Thing Find your one thing and do it. Anything else reduces your effectiveness. Your One Thing [...]

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RescueTime: Software to measure efficiency. Get this. You need it.
OK, so I normally decry getting more tools. Get this one. It just measures what you're doing rather then forcing you to keep it up to date. You'll spend no time managing it and you end up turning efficiency scoring into a game.
Programmer Competency Matrix
What's your team's competency level? 2ⁿ? n²? n? or log(n)? What's yours?
Don't be the man in yellow
SilverSix talks about setting and meeting expectations
How to Plan Your Social Media Marketing Policy on Twitter
Emory Post offers eight great tips on how to use Twitter for social media marketing
FastCompany: Claiming Your Name on the Web
What do people see when they Google your name?